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The Apothecary's Gift
Black Lysander
Author: Bradley Bernarde
Price: £12
ISBN: 1-874262-04-7
Edition: Hardback

Anne Reed, a junior partner in a London firm of solicitors, regrets not having been born in the Regency period, as described by Jane Austen. After taking some pills from an old fashioned chemist's shop, she finds herself transported to 1816 and the world of Lady Arabella Clyde and her estranged husband Sir Andrew. But adapting to conditions in the early nineteenth century is not always so romantic.

Author: John Nesbitt-Dufort
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 1-874262-02-0
Edition: Paperback - Out Of Print

With more than 10,000 hours flying time in over 100 different types of aircraft to his credit, John Nesbitt-Dufort had a varied and unusual career in the RAF and with civil airlines. In WW2 he was with a Night Intruder and then with Special Duty squadrons flying agents in and out of occupied France.

'This lively account of adventure and unassuming courage is written with good humour and with a touch of nostalgia for the golden age of flying'
The late Marshall of the Royal Air Force, Sir William Dickson, GCB, KBE, DSO, AFC

Spies and Lovers
A Sussex Highlander
Author: Adrian Hill
Price: £12
ISBN: 1-874262-03-09
Edition: Hardback

The fledgling SOS station chief in Berne, former Olympic runner, Chris Harcourt, stumbles upon a glamorous rival from Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service hunting the same quarry in Switzerland.

But Harcourt's guardian angel at headquarters in London, a brilliant Anglo-American beauty, doesn't trust the Russian girl.

Editors: Denis Kenward and Richard Nesbitt-Dufort
Price: £12
ISBN: 1-874262-07-1
Edition: Hardback

A cache of letters and a book of memoirs written by a soldier of the Line over 26 years in India and the Napoleonic Wars tell the story of runaway apprentice William Kenward. He sailed for India in a draft of 110 men for a Highland regiment and was the only one to return. With its descriptions of the fall and plunder of Seringapatam or the suicide of a widow on her husband's funeral pyre, the gambling, gallantry and random deaths of his fellow soldiers this is a valuable record.

The Tiger Pit
Author: Adrian Hill
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 1-874262-00-4
Edition: Hardback

'The International Olympic Committee has gone mad,' warns O'Brien's chief at London headquarters. 'They're holding the next games in Seoul.'

Students riot in the streets of South Korea, while just 15 miles from Seoul, a million troops from communist North Korea stand ready to invade.

O'Brien's orders are simple - find out, destroy all covert threats to the Olympic Games.


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