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Great Oxford, Essys on the life and work of Edward de Vere
"I would commend this collection as full of enlightened and reasoned research in the quest to provide material for rational and honest debate. It is not enough to say,'We have the plays and poems, it does not matter who wrote them.' It matters to me and, I suspect, to a growing number of others."
Sir Derek Jacobi

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Great Oxford:
Essays on the Life and Work of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford 1550-1604

General Editor: Richard Malim

Foreword by Sir Derek Jacobi

Edward de Vere, a key figure of the English Renaissance, at the heart of Elizabethan court and cultural events, has a substantial claim to authorship of the works of 'Shakespeare'.

There is an increasingly recognised problem in relating the life of the man from Stratford to the knowledge and cast of mind displayed in the works which now bear his name.

But identifying de Vere as the author results in greater understanding of the context, topical allusions and purpose behind the 'Works'. The plays and poems reflect on the intimate history and psychology of our forebears, just as they themselves are illuminated by political history. The story of Edward de Vere and his circle shows us the personal sacrifices and common efforts made so that a great language and literature might be created.

This book is a benchmark for future discussion and research in the Authorship debate.

An Introduction to the Authorship Question
Oxford's Early Years
Did Oxford Know Ronsard?
Shakespeare's Sources: Sir Thomas Smith's Library
Shakespeare's Sources contd: Lord Burghley's Library
Shakespeare's Education, or the Circular Argument
Shakespeare's Education and Stratford Grammar School
The Printing of The Arte of English Poesie and the Earl of Oxford
The Venetian Inquisition Enquiry Regarding Orazio Cuoco
Italian Renaissance Art in Shakespeare: Giulio Romano and The Winter's Tale
No Errors in Shakespeare: Historical Truth and The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Titian's Barberini Painting: the Pictorial Source of Venus and Adonis
Places in Shakespeare: Belmont and thereabouts
Shakespeare and Italian Comedy
'Shakespeare' Revealed in Oxford's Poetry
Henry Peacham's Chronogram: the Dating of Titus Andronicus
John Lyly's Endimion and William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing
Shakespeare and the Scriptures
Dating the Plays: Hamlet
The Writing of Hamlet, Measure for Measure and the French Connection
The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth - Key to the Authorship Question?
Giordano Bruno
Oxford the Actor
The Real William Shakespeare
Oxford's View of Shakespeare
Secrets of the Dedication to Shakespeare's Sonnets
The Third Earl of Southampton and a Gentleman of Stratford
The Death of Edward de Vere
The Spanish Maze
Oxford Blue, or Possible Clues in Ben Jonson's Eulogy in the First Folio
Blackfriars Theatre 1608
By Shakespeare's Other Avon
Freud and Oxford
Phantasies of Shakespeare
Language Features and Chronology
Not Quite So Bewildering? Shakespeare's 'Will' Sonnets and the Question of Authorship
The 'Empire' Strikes Back - Stratfordians attempt (and fail) to refute Oxfordian claims

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Paperback, 370pp
Illustrations: 27 b&w approx
246mm x 189mm