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The Man who was Never Shakespeare
"Books that pitch into live quarrels are always fun, and I expect at least one good potboiler on the Shakespeare authorship question to be published every year. In 2010 I was convinced by James Shapiro's Contested Will, which argued that anti-Stratfordians were all barmy romantics. This year A.J. Pointon, in his clearly articulated counter-treatise, The Man Who Was Never Shakespeare, convinces me that Mr. Shapiro and his fellow Stratfordians are the ones who are really off their heads.

"Mr. Pointon's book sets out to prove that William Shakspere (an illiterate player and tradesman from Stratford) never wrote the poems and plays credited to the pseudonym William Shakespeare. The book's strength is that it doesn't attempt to peddle any of Mr. Pointon's own theories as to who actually did write them. His evidence is clear and compelling. So I am currently on Mr. Pointon's side ..."

Alexander Waugh,
Wall Street Journal

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The Man who was
Never Shakespeare

The Theft of William Shakspere's Identity

Author: A J Pointon

Was William Shakspere, a successful businessman and minor actor from Stratford-upon-Avon, the WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, one of the greatest writers of all time, or was it a case of identity theft?

Prof. Pointon became interested in the Shakespeare Authorship Question when defending the widely held Stratfordian claim in a debate. A physicist and chartered engineer, he brought a new eye to the evidence, concluding much that was claimed was at best suspect, at worst invented, and so took up the task of unravelling the truth. The result is this book. A must-read for everyone interested in the Authorship Question, it provides a detailed examination and collation of the evidence surrounding it.

Pointon restores William Shakspere's real identity (even the name is spelt differently) through a reconstruction of his family and lifestyle. Although not claiming to identify who was hidden behind the pseudonym "William Shakespeare", he points to a resolution of the problem.

Chapters include:

A J Pointon is a problem-solver. His career includes being Director of Research at Portsmouth University, founder and national secretary of a union for lecturers in Higher Education, Government-appointed member of ACAS, and chairman of the International Dickens Fellowship as well as a top chess player.

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