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Musicians Injuries man playing lyre

"I would happily recommend it to students and teachers as well as to music libraries."
InTouch, Royal Opera House

"The section on anatomy is particularly good...especially useful in helping musicians to prevent new problems."
British Journal of Music Education

"the best small reference book in the field of musician injuries in the entire world"
Reader, USA


Musicians' Injuries
A Guide to their Understanding and Prevention

by Nicola Culf

An alarming number of musicians are suffering with playing-related aches and pains or more serious 'overuse injuries'. This practical self-help guide explains clearly and simply the causes of such injuries.

Packed with easy-to-follow and constructive advice to help prevent injury occurring, it includes warm-up exercises, stretches and a thorough analysis of all aspects of technique.

The musician is encouraged to take responsibility for his or her own well-being through an understanding of anatomy and physiology, the workings of the muscles, posture, balance and the effects of muscular tension and stress. Sympathetic advice is offered, too, for those already suffering the pain and distress of injury.

Fully illustrated, this book will also interest therapists, doctors, counsellors and other health care professionals.

Price: £8.50
Paperback, illustrated
216 mm x 138 mm



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