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Harriet Buckley's Noah

This set of giclee prints (from original screen prints) will be available to buy. Contact office@parapress.myzen.co.uk for details.

Page 1Of course, plenty of people had crankish ideas in the time of Noah. Some of them said the Earth would burn, others said the giants would be the end of it (there were giants in the the Earth in those days). So nobody really noticed when Noah requisitioned a small forest of gopher wood and set up stocks for the floatation of his ludicrous venture. Page 2It is no mean task to be an impromptu zoo-keeper. Noah had to be both mulish & serpentine, both dogged and amphibian; & as strong as an ox, & and as cunning as a fox, as patient as a penguin, & as tough as a rhinoceros, & as insistent as a bluebottle. So by the time he'd gathered all the animals he could almost have set off without them. Page 3And even in the midst of ecological apocalypse no-one would believe it, nor finish battling with herniated umbrellas, clinging to wet blankets or blasphemous spires as every closet, kennel, lung, pocket and concert hall all filled with the same cold permeating element Page 4For weeks the same, as moon and winds wreaked havoc with their new-found tides: the rumbling along miles of heaven's plumbing, the apes screaming and screaming, the bald pates of the dirty old hills submerging one by one. Page 5But, a few days after the scurvy crew almost went mad at the sight of a bit of fresh greenery, the ammoniac air of confinement at last dispersed to the washed sky and the beasts clean and unclean could scratch against the drying barnacles, between the foul drowned debris and a clean new spectrum Page 6And what next? Noah, with his time not to be wasted, his mind full of lists, had refused to foresee it: a long retirement thinking of drowned neighbours beguiling thirst in a rich and lonely vineyard, and incidentally, with a thundering hangover, condemning Shem & Ham to several millennia of bloody war & the rest of the book in which to make good.

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